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Andres C from Toronto, Canada  February 11 2017
I ordered the Battersea Power Plant model last year. I lived in Battersea, London for a number of years - not only is the model fantastic and a definite conversation piece, it also brings back many good memories of my time in London.

Eclecticist from Malta  February 11 2017
I would definitely say Valletta ... so much history and so much baggage are represented through the magnifecent way the city was built. Many customers would be ecstatic to have such a gem! Second option would have to be Stockholm

Patricia from Napa, CA  February 10 2017
I'd love the Golden Gate Bridge!!!

Mary Mayfield from coconut creek  February 10 2017
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Charlton cassar from Valletta  February 10 2017
Would love to include valletta cityscape in my existing scapes that i purchased from eclecticist. Really satisfied

alison Bracey from Bristol  February 10 2017
Having bought and displayed your city scapes in our showroom we've have loads of requests from people wanting a Bristol one so I would definitely say DO BRISTOL!!!

Penny Francis from New Orleans  February 10 2017
new Orleans map of the french quarter with mighty Mississippi river would be amazing

Jade Zammit from Malta  February 10 2017
I think Valletta's city-scape would be a great addition to the collection - It's the European Capical of Culture next year - V18!

Marthese Grima from Valletta   February 10 2017

Sherona Grima from Malta  February 10 2017
I would love the see Malta's capital city Valletta! It has been awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2018

Lisa from MALTA  February 10 2017
Would love to have the capital city of Malta, Valletta as Cityscape! Amazing work!

Gert B from Delft  February 10 2017
I' d like to see cityscape of Rotterdam!

P from london  February 09 2017
I love the Glasgow school of art model. Its beautiful and perfect.

June B from Devon England  February 06 2017
As a Geordie in exile I would love to see the Tyne Bridge or Grey's Monument, both of which would work very well. St James football ground would be great too.

Nick P from Edinburgh  February 06 2017
Edinburgh, New Town, Old town and Castle.

Anon. from Netherlands  February 06 2017
Maybe it is a idea to release 3D-floorplans from famous churches and other buildings so that we can see the inside of a building and how its build!!

Harry from Texas  February 04 2017
San Francisco

May from Japan  February 04 2017
I' d like to see cityscape of Kyoto!

Doug from Kent, UK  February 03 2017
A couple of possible buildings of interest would be Eltham Palace and Blickling Hall. Both have historical significance and unusual architecture.

Al Zirkel from Texas  February 03 2017
The Wedding Tower, Darmstad; Texas State Building in Fair Park,Dallas or any of the Deco Building there; Bohn house, Austin

Thomas from Sao Paulo  February 02 2017
I would love to see Oscar Niemeyer buildings done by Chisel&Mouse: Brasilia cathedral or Niteroi.

Joe from New York  February 02 2017
Tokyo, Hong Kong for Cityscapes!

Michael Helston from London  February 02 2017
So many good suggestions. Perhaps the old, walled city of Cadiz, an island stuck out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Sarah from Manchester   February 02 2017
Hi, Central Library in Manchester ( not Deco but amazing building nevertheless!)

David from Boston MA  February 01 2017

John Webber from Seattle, WA USA  February 01 2017
So excited about the new ideas you have for new models! The limited edition Christ Church Spitalfields is definitely something I will buy (if I can get one!) - love that church and see it on every trip to London. Same for the PopArc Series - will definitely get those- love the colors in them. A Hadid series would be amazing. As for cityscapes....San Francisco and LA. Toronto would also be a good choice, as would Sydney. Regarding buildings...would love to see the MetLife (old Pan Am) building in NYC, or the new One World Trade Center. The new Broad Museum building in LA would be an amazing model, as would the City Hall in LA. What about the Church of our Saviour in Copenhagen? Love all your work guys and will continue to be a loyal buyer! Thanks for the e-mail asking for my opinion on new works! - John

Ashley Sheldrick from Melbourne  February 01 2017
Melbourne - the city centre is a skewed grid from the larger city grid, with the Yarra River snaking through. Sydney - a rabbit warren of streets near the harbour opening to a grid set against Circular Quay and the harbour - you could get the harbour bridge in!

Vassili from Australia  February 01 2017
I would love to see New York City's Chrysler Building modeled your work !

Charlotte from London   February 01 2017 boyfriend and I are crazy about buildings and architecture and work in that field, so sorry for the amount of suggestions) Westminster catherdral (not abbey) Devonshire House Eros Sculpture Ironbrigde (Shropshire, I appreciate it may not be possible, but it's an incredible and artistic piece) Thames House Milbank tower RICS HQ Parliament Square Battersea pagoda (3D standalone sculpture) The shard Walkietalkie

Rob from Hackney, London  February 01 2017
Would like to see the steeple of St-John-at-Hackney, which was once described as 'sad as a bloodhound's ear.'

eleanor from peckham  February 01 2017
133 Rye Lane (in front of the Bussey building) - one of london's earliest cinemas - its a cracker

Richard from Bristol  February 01 2017
Id love to see bristol - the docks, Avon gauge , Clifton suspension bridge

George Christodoulou from Greenwich  February 01 2017
The observatory or st alphege

Mark Davis from Chicago  February 01 2017
Would love to see the San Francisco cityscape.. The Chicago Theater and definitely the Michelin House in London. Any building that's Art Deco..maybe the Chrysler Building entrance or the 30 Rockefeller Center entrance or the Radio City Music Hall entrance ( New York City)..all spectacular

Tim Zeitler from Boston, MA  February 01 2017
Would love to see the city of Boston. For building's, would love to buy a Reliance Bldg in Chicago.

Jane from Kent  February 01 2017
Bank of England, Tate Britain, The Monument, Michelin Building south ken. Any and all of the Hawksmore churches (but you already know that)! Oxford/Cambridge colleges? A London that is a bit further west than the existing one with Houses of Parliament. Love what you are doing and especially pleased with the commission that you are doing for us.

Catherine Mills from Glasgow   February 01 2017
I suggest : Barony Hall Glasgow Sydney Sussex college Cambridge Glasgow University University College London

Jim & Jennifer Shearer from Edinburgh  February 01 2017
What about two cities which would really lend themselves to being "city-scaped" - Rotterdam and Edinburgh?

camila simas from Sao Paulo  February 01 2017
I have a suggestion to make to the PopArc Series of A4 wall hanging models. What about Zaha Hadid's work on paper? Have you ever seen them? They varied from facades to plans but always showing a different perspective on absorbing the concept and idea behind the project...I find them fascinating! And I think reproducing them with a 3D printer can be incredible! Copyrights might be an issue but hey....

Frank Kingman from San Francisco  February 01 2017
I suggest the Timothy Pfleuger designed Pacific Telephone and Telegraph (later, AT&T) building on New Montgomery Street in San Francisco. An Art Deco masterpiece.