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Rashid from Earth  October 21 2016
Please do an Edinburgh Cityscape :o

Lisa from Texas & Scotland  October 18 2016
Would really love to see either Glasgow or Edinburgh as a cityscape from you guys...amazing work!

Cris from London  August 29 2016
The London cityscape is a thing of rare beauty, thank you to all of you at Chisel and Mouse.

RICHARD from LONDON  August 19 2016

Sheila Radovancevic from Toronto Canada  July 31 2016
Not only do you make interesting and beautiful pieces, but you probably have the best, most user friendly website I've ever seen.

Bami from United Kingdom  July 28 2016
Dear Chisel & Mouse,Thank you very much for my order, it arrived in great time, the packaging is lovely and I am sure the content is beautiful, I haven't been able to open it fully as it is a gift for someone else, but I love what I see so far and I am sure my boyfriend will love it too.Thanks again,Bami

Steven from Liverpool  July 22 2016
Hi folks. I think you should include Liverpool in your rosta of cities. Not only is the city centre a UNECO heriatage site, it is also one of the oldest industrialised port cities in the world, with the greatest collection of Georgian architecture in the world outside of London. The City Region is home to a famous river, two famous football teams, and a world famous music scene dating back to the days of the Beatles in the1960's, but still just as contemporary and modern as ever!There can be no doubt that Liverpool would prove to be both a rewarding challenge for you and your artists, as well as being a popular seller globally.Give it a shot; you won't be disappointed :)

Ton from Rotterdam  July 17 2016
is there a cityscape of Rotterdam, the Netherlands? I would love te have one with a cruiseschip at the cruise terminal.
Hi Ton thanks for the request. We think it would look great too. We plan to increase the city range in 2017 and will hopefully include Rotterdam.

Michael DeMattia from Dallas  May 25 2016
Dallas is known for the amazing skyline that we have. I would love to see a cityscape of Dallas made from this y'all! Another Dallas idea would be reunion tower or the hunt building. I'd gladly share any Dallas creations in all my social media outlets!!!

Nicola from Essex  May 24 2016
London map arrived and looks great. Thanks for speedy delivery!!

M from London  May 21 2016
Many thanks.All brilliantly packaged and arrived in perfect condition.As for the pieces themselves, Im absolutely thrilled. Such great quality and I hope to add more to my collection over time.Please thank all of the C&M team for the brilliant service and a great product.

Jim & Jennifer Shearer from Edinburgh  May 17 2016
We received our NYC cityscape today. We are absolutely delighted with it, our third C & M purchase. It is a striking piece and as usual, beautifully presented. I think I have commented before, but the trouble you take to ensure safe delivery by perfect packaging is exceptional.

Robb from United States  May 16 2016
We received our Venice Cityscape and it looks great!! Everything arrived safe and sound and we look forward to displaying it. It will definitely garner a lot of attention! We also look forward to purchasing more pieces in the future

Lisa from United States  May 16 2016
The St. Paul's dome is beautiful! Thank you for your care with it.

Spence from Islington  April 29 2016
Just received my London city scape. Love it...inspired. Keep up the good work!!

Mary from Canberra, Australia  April 28 2016
Hi,I have just entered your competition to win a cityscape tile. I'm really excited and hope I win! But I just wanted to give you a sugestion of a great city that would look fantastic on a tile and that is Canberra, Australia. it is one of the few cities in the world which are planned. Therefore, it has great lines and shapes as seen from above. Cheers

Aoife Hannon from Ireland  April 22 2016
Excellent service and the model arrived in perfect condition. I absolutely love it!!

John Pastier from San Jose CA USA  April 01 2016
Splendid stuff here, judging from the photos. Laudable selection of subjects.It would be nice if you gave the size of each piece.

Bruce Cohen from NY, USA  March 25 2016
Are you guys going to make a cityscape of Manhattan?I just love you stuff, and coming form a retired NY Creative Director, that means a lot, because I usually hate anything I didn't create. lol.Keep up the excellent work.

Hi Bruce, check out our cityscape page, we have 1:5k of the Financial District - southern tip of Manhattan. Cheers, Robert

Jane P from Manchester  March 04 2016
Ordered the Battersea Power Station for a birthday present, beutiful, well packaged. Very pleased, keep up the good work

David from Takoma Park, US  February 21 2016
Just got it. I am blown away. I was expecting something incredible but this is even better than I expected. As nice as your website is, it does not do justice to how stunning this piece is. It belongs in a museum. The windows and door details are jaw dropping. I think this goes beyond a architectural model. It's a work of art. But that is not what really amazes me. Out of all the buildings in DC, this is the one you do. I worked a few blocks from the building for a few years. They did a pretty good job of preserving it. There is a park across the street and I spent many a lunch hour there staring at the building and wishing I had it in my collection. Now I do.The buildings that you choose and the craftsmanship that goes with them are what make you unique I think. Looking through your website I am floored by your choices.I went to school at Arundel and could not believe you had something from there.

Lawrence from Boston  February 02 2016
Beautiful work! Are you planning to craft a 3D model of Boston in the future?

Paul Hogan from Holyoke Ma. 01010 USA  December 13 2015
Do you have a model of the Dublin Post Office circa 1816

Andy from Canada  December 08 2015
I'm gobsmacked at the beauty of this beast: you have produced an astonishingly beautiful addition to the catalogue. Well done! I've been a long-time admirer of your work over the past few years but I have to say, admiring one on the Internet and actually holding one in the hand are world's apart (can't believe how heavy these puppies are!). And the architectural detail is amazing: I spent several hours a few years ago photographing this building from all angles and I can unequivocally say, you captured it's essence brilliantly!

Helena from England  December 07 2015
Just a quick note to say order received safely, with huge thanks. Your work is absolutely beautiful and I think will be the start of a collection!

Jen from London  December 01 2015
We are delighted with our Hoover building model, which arrived today. Your packaging is a work of art in itself!...So needless to say, it arrived safely.

danielLeary from  November 07 2015
I am interested in purchasing, 1 if not more ,models of the Dublin Post Office circa 1915. As it is the centenary of the Rising, there could be a lucrative market for US. I know the interest and demand is there. Also, there is no quick way to ascertain quickly if you stock or intend to stock models of arichetural buildings I might be interested in. Thank you.

Maggie from Herts  October 31 2015
Yesterday I visited Laing O'Rourke's amazing precast concrete manufacturing facility nr Worksop. The intent is to develop a quality multistorey prefabricated housing solution for London and Quadrant Housing Trust. There are two built & furnished examples of their housing on the site - a small low rise apartment block & a large villa. For me the icing on the cake was the fabulous display of Chisel & Mouse architectural models. I made a note of your name & ordered 3 models for myself this morning. I can't wait for them to arrive & become prominent conversation pieces in my home!

Ieuan from NUTLEY, EAST SUSSEX  August 26 2015
I have myself, 4 model buildings! And the quality of them are outstanding! Really great detail, to all of the models I have.. Thank you Dad, for making them for me

Fran from London  August 14 2015
Sorry, I meant to rate that 5 stars!

Fran from London  August 14 2015
I purchased the Whitechapel Art Gallery a while back and it has proved to be a great conversation piece. The after service is also excellent.

Julian from London  July 08 2015
Arrived last week. Beautiful item. Takes me back to hundreds of happy memories of Highbury including when my (architect!) Dad first took me there as a little boy.Looks amazing on my bookshelf with match day programmes. Thanks

Jan from Helmond  July 08 2015
Today London has arrived in Helmond in perfect condition! It's breathtaking!!!!! Can't wait for thr next city!!!

Ceri from Australia  June 26 2015
Just a quick email to let you know that the sculpture arrived safely and my girlfriend loved it! Congratulations on such a wonderful design idea executed so beautifully.

Eric Parlee from Santa Monica  April 20 2015
I suggest you model FLW's Millard House, Greene and Greene's Gamble House (Pasadena), Neutra's Lovell House and Schindler's Howe House as part of your collection. I'd also suggest Jefferson's UVA Rotunda and Monticello. The list is endless...Corbusier's Villa Savoie...Palazzo Riccardi (Medici) in Florence

Gary from London  April 09 2015
I received the Centre Point sculpture earlier today. It looks even better in my hands. Excellent craftsmanship and excellent detail!! I'll certainly be back for more!

Allan from Australia  March 13 2015
Item arrived as stated, sculpture is brilliant and the whole process was exceptional, congratulations on the great service.

Simone from The Hague  January 02 2015
And a jealous time was had by all when hubby dearest opened his X-mas present: Battersea Power Station (the model, that is... duh). He has already instructed me which model -or rather models- to get him next. Many thanks to Chisel and Mouse for making my life considerably easier in the 'what on earth shall I give him' department! Great packaging, by the way.

Peter from London  January 01 2015
I wanted to write to tell you how delighted my wife was with her own Battersea Power Station. It is her favourite building in London, so when I saw your advert in the paper I knew it would be an inspired Christmas present...and it was. Thanks for packing it so thoroughly - I hadn't dared open it up, but it was all fine on Christmas morning. Thanks again.

rickrobe from USA  December 24 2014
Have you considered a model of the Pantheon in Rome?


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