12in high, 12in wide, 2in deep & 10lb approximately.

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Washington DC was founded in 1790 and is the capital of the USA. It's location on the east coast of North America on the northern shore of the Potomac River was chosen by President George Washington. The city is home to the nation's government and has witnessed many of history's most important political events. The city is houses many of the world's most famous museums and buildings including the White House, Watergate complex and the Washington Monument. Washington D.C. has everything for the visitor - culture, history, shopping, dining, and nightlife, the city is exciting, cosmopolitan, and very international.

This 3d map of Washington DC, at a scale of 1:5000, is focused around the political hub and includes the White House. It is a single plaster tile measuring 30x30cm encapsulated in a perspex frame. The model can wall hang or be displayed on a desk or table top.


Open edition - signed and dated


Display flat on the desk or wall hang.


12in high, 12in wide, 2in deep & 10lb approximately.


Washington DC, USA


Handmade: Plaster, acrylic box frame


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We hand make all of our models. Chisel & Mouse is the combination of an artisan’s approach (the chisel) with modern innovation and transformative technologies (the mouse).

By capturing life and its big ideas in miniature, the brand celebrates the beauty of our industrialised world.

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12in high, 12in wide, 4in deep & 10lb approximately.

The Chicago area was initially inhabited by Algonquian peoples, including the Mascouten and Miami. The name "Chicago" is the French version of the Miami-Illinois word shikaakwa("Stinky Onion"), named for the plants common along the Chicago River. The first settler in Chicago was Jean Baptiste Point du Sable who built a farm at the mouth of the Chicago River in the 1780s. In 1829, the Illinois legislature appointed commissioners to locate a canal and lay out the surrounding town, which at the time had a population of less that 100. After 1830, the rich farmlands of northern Illinois attracted Yankee settlers. Real estate operators created a city overnight. The city was built in a low-lying area subject to flooding. In 1856 the city council decided that the entire city should be elevated four to five feet by using a newly available jacking-up process. Between 1870 and 1900 Chicago grew from a city of 299,000 to nearly 1.7 million, at the time the fastest-growing city ever. In 1871, most of the city burned in the Great Chicago Fire. Developers and citizens began immediate reconstruction on the existing Jeffersonian grid. The building boom that followed saved the city's status as the transportation and trade hub of the Midwest. Massive reconstruction using the newest materials and methods catapulted Chicago into its status as a city on par with New York. It became the birthplace of modern architecture in the United States. The architecture of Chicago has influenced and reflected the history of American architecture. It features prominent buildings in a variety of styles by many important architects. Since most buildings within the downtown area were destroyed by the Fire, Chicago buildings are noted for their originality rather than their antiquity.

This 3d map of Chicago, at a scale of 1:5000, is centred on the Loop. It is a single plaster tile measuring 30x30cm encapsulated in a perspex frame. The model can wall hang or be displayed on a desk or table top.

Some images of Chicago.


2.5in high, 11in wide, 8.5in deep & 4.5lb approximately.

A series of five buildings make up Washington DC's infamous Watergate complex. Completed in 1972 by architect Luigi Moretti the complex soon became home to America's political finest and will forever be known for the political scandal that led to President Nixon's resignation. The complex has recently been rejuvenation with the hotel undergoing major refurbishment.


15in high, 9.5in wide, 9.5in deep & 9lb approximately.

Limited edition the US Capitol Dome. We are producing a run of 150 beautifully crafted and hand signed models.

The neoclassical US Capitol dome is a symbol of democracy in Washington D.C. It was designed by Thomas U. Walter and constructed between 1855-1866. The dome is made of cast iron (over 4000 tonnes) and painted to appear to be made of the same stone as the main Capitol building. The dome measures 66 metres (217 feet), has 120 windows and 48 columns. It consists of two domes; the outer dome was scaled to the size of the exterior of the building, whereas the smaller interior dome is sized to the rotunda's proportions.

Our cut-away model perfectly highlights the intricate design and staggering workmanship that went into this magnificent building.

We have created a 3d printed cross section of the world famous dome, mounted it on a beautiful white base and then housed it in a traditional bell jar.



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