Fagus Factory

Model ships within 10-15 working days.

27cm high, 18cm wide, 7.5cm deep & 2.5kg approximately.

Price includes shipping, tax and duty.


The Fagus factory represents the original work of modernist industrial architecture. It was the first major building by Walter Gropius, famed for the Bauhaus architectural movement. Gropius designed a glass and steel construction. The windowed corners made it a hallmark for his brand new form of architecture.

The Fagus factory in Alfeld was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2011.

Sustainably Crafted

We all want the world to be a better place. We are trying to do our bit. We reuse, recycle and use less where we can. We search out sustainable local suppliers. We sponsor grassroots sports for the local youth, donating both money and time. We sponsor local environmental projects. We know we can do more but we're making a start!


We hand make all of our models. Chisel & Mouse is the combination of an artisan’s approach (the chisel) with modern innovation and transformative technologies (the mouse). By capturing life and its big ideas in miniature, the brand celebrates the beauty of our industrialised world.

anonymous from cincinnati

Have you got plans to make any US buildings? I’d buy the Netherlands Plaza Hotel Cincinnati (now the Hilton Netherlands Hotel) Chisel

Zach from Glasgow

Glasgow should definitely be produced in 3D plaster. the city centre is a testament to Georgian, Victorian and Modernist planning.

steve kyprianou from Islington

Would be great to see something constructed on the borough of islington. I have purchased the marble hall entrance of Highbury stadium