Temple of Artemis the Huntress

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16cm high, 16cm wide, 28cm deep & 4kg approximately.


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A model of the Temple of Artemis the Huntress. This model is a reproduction of a Sir John Soane’s museum collection piece. The original was created by the legendary french model maker Francois Fouquet in the early 1800’s. The temple was built in Athens on the banks of the Ilissus probably by Kallicrates. Today the temple is a ruin but was stunning in its day, in the words of the museum curator “Nothing can surpass the extreme simplicity and elegance of this composition. The beautifully proportioned columns, the angular capitals, and simple entablature are most happy effects of the refinement and elegant taste of the enlightened people to whom this work owes its origin.”

Our model is produced in plaster and displayed under an acrylic case.

Sustainably Crafted

We all want the world to be a better place. We are trying to do our bit. We reuse, recycle and use less where we can. We search out sustainable local suppliers. We sponsor grassroots sports for the local youth, donating both money and time. We sponsor local environmental projects. We know we can do more but we're making a start!


We hand make all of our models. Chisel & Mouse is the combination of an artisan’s approach (the chisel) with modern innovation and transformative technologies (the mouse). By capturing life and its big ideas in miniature, the brand celebrates the beauty of our industrialised world.

Mette McLarney from Essex

I am absolutely delighted with the two models (London cityscape and Charlotte Square house). They are beautifully made and were expertly packed