Feedback really helps, it gives potential customers the confidence to buy and provides us with useful information and ideas on how to continue improving our products and service. We'd be very grateful if you could share your feedback and ideas.

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James from UK  May 26 2022
Thanks for your email. Beautiful workmanship! Very happy.

Anne from California  March 11 2022
We received the model today and we LOVE it! Gorgeous

Sarah from Minneapolis  March 03 2022
I just received it today and my husband loves it. Thank you so much!

Ian from London  March 02 2022
Received the Arsenal Highbury Stadium model - absolute beauty, great detail, beautifully finished, excellent quality.

Frank C from Wallingford, Connecticut, USA  January 25 2022
Your Pantheon model arrived yesterday. It exceeds my greatest expectations. I'm delighted with it.

Yuval from Netherlands  January 18 2022
I received the model of Paris St. Germain (Blue River) on time and in good condition.I am very pleased with the product, which is stunning and very detailed. You can see landmarks in detail as the Louvre pyramid, Musee d'orsay, Palais de Luxembourg, the St. Sulpice Church, the Academie Francaise, Odeon Theater and the Samaritaine department store. It gives you almost the feeling like if you are flying in a helicopter above this quartier of Paris.An idea: The city of Prague (with the river, the Charles Bridge and the castle) is also a very beautiful city. Maybe it is an idea to develop a model of Prague?

Will from Sydney  January 14 2022
My experience with Chisel & Mouse was excellent. I found what I wanted really easily on the site, ordering quick and simple too. The delivery was super quick, even to Austria so that was an extra bonus at Christmas time when I was running late! Great thank you.

Gail from Fife  January 14 2022
This is a fantastic model. The service was first class from start to finish. Thank you so much.

Simon B from Grays, Essex  January 13 2022
Hi ThereI couldn’t be happier with my London Cityscape. It is quite literally breathtaking, it even has my favourite pub, The Bell in Middlesex Street. But this is the amazing thing, the roof is the correct shape, so the detail is amazing. BestSimon

Helen A from   January 12 2022
The model is great - it was a gift for my dad, who actually began his career as an apprentice working at Hoover, and worked there for many years. I immediately recognised that the model depicted the canteen block, and I was impressed that you had that level of detail about the building on your website. What I didn't know was that at one stage, the ground floor of building also housesd the training functions - so it was exactly where my dad first worked. He was delighted by it! I was really happy with everything - the model arrived in the expected timescale and the packaging was particularly good and ensured it was well protected. Thanks again!

Jean P from France  January 12 2022
Maquettes bien recu ce jour. C'est super merci pour votre travailci-joint l'installation dans notre agence d'architecturebelle continuation pour vousa une prochaine

Emily S from Denver, CO  January 11 2022
I purchased the Berlin city model as a gift. The recipient and I were both delighted when we saw it -- definitely a cool piece to adorn a wall/desk/office for years to come. I was also really impressed by the speed with which it arrived (right before the holidays, no less).

Zoe D from Hull, UK  January 11 2022
My partner absolutely loves the sculptures and cityscapes and has quite a collection now. Some of them that have personal meaning for us, such as places or buildings we've visited.

Anne from London  January 10 2022
The quality of the product is excellent. So were the wrapping, packaging, and delivery.

David from London  January 10 2022
I love my model of the Trelick Tower. It’s a wonderful replica, which has that extra bit of soul having been hand made. Will definitely be ordering more models.

Candice from New York  January 10 2022
I have been collecting Chisel and Mouse’s pieces for a while now. They are beautifully crafted and a staple in our home. They always arrive on time or early and in pristine condition.

Deborah B from London  January 10 2022
Thank you for your really responsive service. I ordered a cityscape of London for a colleague who is leaving London after 30 years. She was really thrilled with it, it was stunning. I have previously given your model of Craven Cottage to my brother, a lifelong Fulham fan and he was delighted with it. I think your pieces are so innovative and unusual, they make perfect gifts! I am just waiting for someone to buy me one!

bob from virginia  December 27 2021
I would like to see a cross-section of monticello ( Thomas Jefferson's home),maybe mount rushmore,or machu picchu.

Carolyn from California   December 16 2021
Cityscape of San Francisco?Any model of Guggenheim in New York?Big fan! Can’t decide what to purchase first!

Ralph DV from Stamford, Connecticut, USA  December 15 2021
Love the models, the detail, the museum quality. Would be very interested in models of ancient buildings and monuments, especially from Roman Empire, early to middle Principate.

Jean from Switzerland  November 19 2021
I was in Florence one month ago !The model is absolutely amazing and reminds me of everything I saw in this incredible city

Greg from London  November 04 2021
Model received safe and sound. Another superb one!

Patrick C from London   October 22 2021
Chisel and Mouse are one of the most innovate and interesting companies to emerge in the last few years. The models are superb, intricately detailed, and a joy to have. I’m on my 7th, with an 8th on the way. For those with a love of architectural models, made with a real love of the craft, and delivered with a highly professional service, these pieces are second only having to the real thing.

Jorge from London  September 10 2021
I got the models and they are awesome!!!!. The product, wrapping and service delivery were excellent. Thank you so much.

Neil Wilson from Watchet  August 29 2021
Just opened my birthday present. A fantastic replica of Broadcasting House by G.Val Myer and I couldn't be more delighted. My partner tells me the company were super helpful. The sculpture is a perfect replica of substantial weight and quality build. It will be taking up residency in my Radio Museum in Watchet as the only 3 dimensional representation of this iconic building.Its just perfect! Thank you Chisel and Mouse.

Benjamin D from Bournemouth  July 25 2021
The models are amazing. I am ordering another 4.

Candice from California  June 14 2021
As always what a beautiful piece and speedy delivery.

Luke from UK   June 06 2021
Received our order and we are super happy with it, so much so we have just placed another order for two more cityscapes! Hoping to purchase another 3 for a total of 6 to make an impactful wall feature. Thank you all for an amazing piece of sculptural art.

Mark W from London   May 25 2021
Absolutely fantastic! Purchased two items, both beautifully packed. Stunning workmanship. Many many thanks. I will certainly be keeping an eye on future projects.

Ben from England  March 08 2021
I have received my model safely.I have to say I am impressed with everything. The packing, the service,the comms, and especially the model which is exquisite and surpassesmy expectations. I'm glad I found you.Many thanks

Mark F from Lincolnshire  March 02 2021
Living with a fan of brutalist architecture the model of the Trellick was a perfect gift. A wonderful recreation with great attention to detail. You made a concrete fan very happy.

Mark A from Chicago IL  February 22 2021

Jim from Philadelphia  February 10 2021
I just received my 1:5000 model of Venice and it is stunning. Now, granted, Venice is stunning, but the model is amazing. I sent my kids and GF pics saying this is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever bought, and I’m 64!Thanks, beautiful. No doubt I’ll be back!

Helmut from Germany  February 05 2021
I ordered the Bauhaus building and Guggenheim museum. Well packed and really beautiful models. I enjoy them very much and will order citycapes this year. Thank you Gavin for your service and patience.

Edwin S from Larne, Northern Ireland   February 03 2021
Beautiful models and so well made- this is my third. A lovely piece of architectural art.

Andy GS from England   January 19 2021
Ive just taken delivery of Berlin, Paris and Vegas (cityscapes). Just Venice left to complete my collection. Beautifully crafted and I enjoy looking at them every day. Thank you for taking such good care with the packaging. Each one is a joy to look at.

AGS from UK  January 19 2021
Superb service, well packaged and beautifully crafted. Truly unique and a joy to look at - thank you.

Emilia from Bologna, Italy  December 25 2020
The model of Venice was a wonderful Christmas present from my dad. It is an high quality product, packaged with care, I love it!

Sahra from Denmark  December 24 2020
Thank you so much! It arrived on time and I am super happy!

Simon from Sussex  December 10 2020
The model is lovely. We're really pleased with it. It's actually the second of your Soane models we've bought: they're definitely worthy of the museum itself!


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