Feedback really helps, it gives potential customers the confidence to buy and provides us with useful information and ideas on how to continue improving our products and service. We'd be very grateful if you could share your feedback and ideas.

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Kate from London  October 31 2013
Hi there, I'm looking for a gift for my boyfriend's 30th and when I came across you guys at TENT i didn't have chance to talk to you, but I was wondering if you have any models of St.Paul's, Tower Bridge or Upton Park football ground as he's a HUGE West Ham fan.... I don't see any of those on your site, as much as I love many of your current pieces I don't think any of them are quite right for him. I'm afraid i can't afford to commission a piece for £1000 but I just thought i'd ask incase any of the above do exist? On another note, i'm a Senior Product Designer at the British Museum and if you send me your catalogue I will pass it on to our buying team as i think some of them would be great in our high end shop. We currently stock a few pieces from Revival Arts of Bath, but I think your pieces would be great in addition to those!Kind regards, Kate

Richard from Hartlepool  October 18 2013
Great service and fantastic sculptures! Looking forward to ordering many more! Thanks!

Victoria from London  October 17 2013
I really appreciated the speedy delivery of the piece. The gift was received well and was a very fitting gift for a gent who was returning to the US; the Power Station will be set pride of place in his new study.

Gail from London  October 17 2013
When I stupidly broke one of the Battersea Power Station towers due to not following the very simple clear instructions, the whole thing was replaced within days at no further cost. The item is beautiful and the customer service second to none. I would recommend this company and its product highly.

Robert from South Australia  October 16 2013
Excellent service, simple transaction, kept well informed, the piece was beautifully packaged and arrived one day earlier than forecast.Plus, the piece is superbly finished.Yes, a very satisfied customer!

Jon Crombie from Wellington, Somerset  October 16 2013
'Arsenal Stadium' has pride of place in my living room. An exiled supporter who grew up in Highbury, the sculpture serves many purposes - as a reminder of my old home, the many hours of pleasure and pain standing on the terraces and, importantly to me, as a piece of art. The item itself is extremely well presented, evocative of a bygone era of care in construction and elegance - well represented by this memento that now resides in Somerset. The craftsmanship is of a very high standard, simple yet graceful and sympathetically executed. Much admired by friends (and supporters of rival clubs).The service I received from Messrs Chisel & Mouse was efficient and the sculpture arrived quickly and securely packaged. The object, as mentioned, is produced to a high standard and I have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who may be interested.

Kay from Coggeshall  October 16 2013
Thrilled to bits thank you hope to buy a few more pieces

Jonathan from London  October 16 2013
It was given as a present and was warmly received. The quality was high. The detail is excellent. It makes a very interesting object in our home. Thank you

Steven from Highbury   October 16 2013
The product, customer service and speedy delivery was second to none. Thank you all.

Robert from Putney  October 16 2013
Just received my model of the Century Hotel.....absolutely stunning!!! Pride of place on my desk (right next to my Battersea Power Station). Are you releasing anything new for Christmas?

Mike Hare from Hertfordshire  September 01 2013
I chose this model because my mother was drafted into war work in this building.It very cleverly captures the elements of the building in a small space. I am reminded of the work of Henry Greenly (see wiki) who designed and built locomotives which appeared to be scale replicas of the main line locomotives but which in fact were robust enough to do hard work each day.I admire the detail and textures very frequently

Ray MacDonald from Toronto  August 27 2013
I wish it could be published what scale each of the models are in. (Some may be suitable as fronts for OO/HO model sets etc., even if smaller for some big buildings they could be backdrops)

Brian from Lone Pine, California  August 27 2013
Item [Glasgow School of Art] arrived in a timely manner and in perfect shape. A very nice piece.Thank you - B.

John from London  August 14 2013
I bought the Hoover Building and I'm very pleased with it. The quality is excellent and the detail really beautiful. I recommended Chisel & Mouse to a friend and she has since made a purchase. My only problem is what to buy next.

Tom from Auckland, New Zealand  August 14 2013
So very, very cool. I couldn't be happier with my sculpture. It was immaculately packaged and delivery to the other side of the world was surprisingly fast. Top marks.

Andreas from Norway  August 14 2013
The Glascow school of arts model is beautiful! Nice feel and weight to it, top notch quality!

James Lowden from Surrey  August 14 2013
Great service...keep up the good work!!

Robin from Southampton  August 13 2013
Excellent customer service, 5 star model. I'm definitely going to be adding Hoover to my collection soon.

Mark M from London  August 13 2013
Fantastic!! great model....nice work chisel adn mouse

Gavin from Chisel & Mouse  April 25 2013
Hi Kacey - the shipping to the US is $30. Cheers, Gavin

Kacey from US  April 24 2013
What is the shipping for this?

Rydal from London  April 18 2013
The Hoover building is brilliant and amazing detail. Loved gazing at it when I was a child as we drove past. Thank you so much for creating such beautiful sculptures of these great buildings.

Andy from Leeds  January 24 2013
The Glasgow School of Art I ordered is absolutely superb; I am thrilled. The quality is absolutely first class. I had high expectations from your very good photos, but the delivery exceeded them.

RDHD from Washingt, DC  January 02 2013
I bought this as a gift for my wife (she was born in DC and we live here). She loves it. It is beautiful and has pride of place in our living room. Thank you.

C Stone from Essex  January 02 2013
I brought this for my dad for christmas, he loved it....... Something different from the normal pair of slippers.Plus it arrived in one piece because of the packaging.

Timothy Sante from Columbus, Ohio  December 13 2012
Such a great idea. These buildings are a big part of our lives as we live in Ohio and also have lived on Columbia Heights in Brooklyn. Very nice that we can get these so easily in the states, although it would be nice if you could figure out a way for us to avoid the foreign transaction fee. Thanks, Tim

liz menzies from Morayshire  December 06 2012
OMG how much do I love these models, ordered Willow Tea Rooms & Glasgow School of Art for my daughter & son-inlaw, (notoriously difficult to buy for). Can't wait to see their reaction on Christmas day. Thank you for excellent service, I am sure they will be ordering from you in the future.

Kim from West Midlands  November 27 2012
I am now the very proud and lucky owner of two Chisel & Mouse plaster models. I have completely fallen in love with them, and fully intend to add more to my collection. They are so beautifully understated, which in itself makes them so desirable. Furthermore, I have never received such stellar customer care / communication. Thumbs up to Gavin!

Milo from Manchester  November 21 2012
Beautiful models keep it up guys!

Laurence Slattery from london  November 21 2012
I bought the model of the Hoover building from your website and it arrived yesterday. It is absolutely magnificent!I have no doubt that I am going to be buying more of your models - I already have my eye on Farringdon Station.These really are a great idea for a Christmas present.Well done and keep it up!

Ray from Herts  October 06 2012
hi guys, we have just purchase Arsenal's Art Dec and it came in the post today, its bloody great, we have brought it for a birthday present for an artist Gooner, it there such a thing. Keep up the good work.

Alastair from Arundel, England  September 27 2012
Seriously stylish. These elegant models would look great on any bookcase, table or sideboard.I have the Cincinnati Union Terminal taking pride of place on my bookcase. The craftsmanship is exceptional. Great, timeless present.

James Ponting from London  September 04 2012
I was chuffed to bits when I recieved the famous Arsenal East Stand as a present from my girlfriend last Xmas. My dad used to take me to Highbury and I have fond memories of sitting in that stand with him, I lost him in 2010 and to have such a beautiful piece sat on a unit in my lounge is not only an amazing thing to own and look at but a reminder of days out with him. I go to Arsenal regulary now and I never come home without popping in the Gunners Pub and walking past the East stand. "we're the East Stand we're the East Stand we're the East Stand Highbury! Thank-you for making such a wonderful piece.

Jeff from Cincinnati, United States  August 27 2012
I just received the Union Terminal Model, and love it!  As a resident Cincinnatian, who is captivated by this local architectural masterpiece, I'd like you to know that your model is the best collectible of Union Terminal, that I've ever come across (and I've been looking for sometime).  You are to be commended!  You have a great eye for detail, and I'm so pleased to have finally found such a quality piece.  I will definitely spread the word, about the quality offerings available through Chisel & Mouse.

Catherine from Chorley, England  August 27 2012
Thank you for getting the Battersea Power Station model to me on time. I did cut it little fine
but I wanted to take it with me to Menorca to give to a dear friend of mine. My friend loves to visit
London and this is one of his favourite landmarks. He is delighted with it. For me to be able
to take something so unique was extra special. The packaging was excellent as it travelled
from you to me in  the North West and then from Liverpool airport to Menorca!
Love your products and your website.

Valerie from Southsea, England  July 12 2012

I am extremely lucky as I recently won a great competition. I received my prize a couple of days ago, and I am delighted with it. It is a beautiful model of Bodium Castle, and is standing pride of place in my Lounge.

I definitely recommend anyone to purchase either the Castle, or any of the other classy models from Chisel and Mouse.  You will not be disappointed. The amount of stars I'd like to give my Castle, is 5 out of 5.

Thank-you very much to everyone involved with the competition, I will treasure my prize with pride, and can't wait to show it off to family and friends.

John Graves from Houston, Texas  July 08 2012
I am looking for a manufacturer who can produce a model of The 1940 Air Terminal Museum that can be sold in the Museum's gift shop.  The Museum is a beautiful streamline moderne structure.  Photos can be seen at  If you would be interested in discussing this possibility, please reach me at

Brian Faulkner from Sidcup  June 21 2012

This is stunning! Start saving now. 

J Anna Ludlow from Hucknall, Nottinghamshire  June 12 2012
I have a visually 'tactile' eye if you like and know instinctively whether I like something or not, if I have to go back and have a second look then it is not for me. I have long loved lighthouses and telephone kiosks and most things art deco/moderne and the colour purple. The first thing I learned after being medically retired was web design and finally I was able to unleash my personal taste onto the web. Our joint interest in the Abbey Lighthouse introduced me to Chisel and Mouse and Gavin who had found my website. I'm absolutely thrilled to have received my Abbey Lighthouse sculpture even though I had prevaricated about a couple of the other choices knowing in my heart that only the lighthouse would do! It's a beautufully compact piece of craftsmanship of which Chisel and Mouse should be justifiably proud. I have a feeling the Arsenal and Hoover models will also be coming my way. Thank you again (and I love the 'designer' wrappings!)

Anne from West Midlands  May 22 2012
This model is simply wonderful. Our daughter has recently moved to Glasgow, so we know this building well. We love McIntosh and this model evokes the very best of his work. The packaging doubles as a presentation box. It arrived swiftly and has been added to the other models we already own of famous buildings. I can heartily recommend this company for it's attention to detail in model making and customer service. We are looking forward to seeing news models in the range.