Feedback really helps, it gives potential customers the confidence to buy and provides us with useful information and ideas on how to continue improving our products and service. We'd be very grateful if you could share your feedback and ideas.

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frank from glasgow  May 14 2012
Why would they do Parkhead? The models are of  buildings of beauty and design, which Parkhead is not!

Gavin from Sussex  May 11 2012
Hi Joe - I'm afraid we don't do Parkhead yet. I would love to make a model of the old Parkhead stadium front as shown below. Such a shame it was torn down.

joe from glasgow  May 11 2012
do you do parkhead

Kate from twitter  May 08 2012
Would love to see a model of the Royal Festival Hall

Hannah Coleman from Grimsby   May 02 2012
Hi Guys,
Its Hannah Coleman (@dreamwallstyle and @dreamwalls) on twitter - did you get my DM with my email [removed@*****.com] I would love to do a feature on you, please get in touch so I can start working on it - many thanks Hannah 

Gavin from Sussex  May 01 2012
Thanks Wandering Wahoo. You're dead right and I was wrong. I must have mixed the two up. I've made the correction.

The Wandering Wahoo from State College, PA USA  April 30 2012
The Longfellow House is a great choice--but it's in Cambridge, MA, rather than Minneapolis. The Longfellow House in Minnesota is 2/3 scale model of the original house in Massachusetts.

Gavin from Sussex, England  April 26 2012
Hi Walt. Thanks for the feedback and compliments. I'm afraid that in our rush to get the professional photographs completed we didn't finish the 'T' properly. I hesitate to show a photograph of a model that is work in progress but here's one. We'll get the new professional photographs done shortly. Rest assured that all models will be produced with the 'T' properly formed.

Walt from CincinnaTi  April 26 2012
Hi - My brother in France sent me your link as we live in Cincinnati and visit the terminal often.  Very nice job on the facade.  I was looking at the lettering on the front of your piece and the "T" in Cincinnati looks funny and does not match - you are all capitals except that "T" - looks more like an "I"

Mrs. H. Nathanson from Kent, England  April 25 2012
At a time when customer service seems to get worse by the second at every other retailer in the country, Chisel & Mouse (and particularly Gavin Paisley) has got it right.  I ordered two models and enquired after another few that were at the time being advertised on the website.  I received my first two beautifully wrapped up and, what is more, I received an email from Mr. Paisley informing me of the up coming new models together with close up photos of all of them, and that he would drop me a line when they would so be available.  I did not honestly think he would, but he did ! Great service, gorgeous products - both absolutely worthy of telling everyone about. 

Elaine from Clopton, England  April 25 2012
My son-in-law was absolutely thrilled with the model. He was very impressed with the detail and quality. He will certainly be asking for another at Christmas!You definitely rate 5 stars.

Shannon from Ellsworth, Maine, United States  April 24 2012
It's GORGEOUS!!!!! Also, the seller is excellent to work with and extremely easy to contact. It was packaged with as much attention and care as a Christmas gift -- and it is absolutely stunning in every way. I can't wait to add to my collection.

Humph from Worcester  April 20 2012
This is our third Chisel and Mouse model. In this special year for the Royals and with all the visitors who will come to the Olympics, it would make an ideal souvenir. As ever the quality of the model and the degree of fine detail is very impressive. My wife and I love it. Keep up the good work ! 

Humph from Worcester  April 18 2012
This is my second purchase from this wonderful team. My wife has always been a fan of Georgian buildings having spent her Higher Education Years in Bath. The model is even better then the photos on the site. As before, the presentation box in which the model arrived made it an ideal gift. We are looking forward to more new models soon.

Humph from Worcester  April 18 2012
I came across this website by accident but I've always be interested in architecture and had already collected some models. I drive past the Hoover building regularly and hoped someone would produce a model. What a joy! It arrived very quickly and was carefully packed in a presentation box, which was good because it was intended as a present. The quality of craftsmanship is wonderful. The price is competitive. I shall buy again.

Christopher H from Cologne  April 18 2012
Einstein tower in Potsdam Germany?

Dave from Glasgow  April 12 2012

Hi there, Sorry but you have it wrong, It is ONLY,  Rangers FC & NOT Glasgow Rangers FC, There isn`t such a club

Chisel & Mouse 13th April 2012

Hi Dave, thanks for the information I wasn't aware of that. I have update our model description. Cheers Robert

Jazzle99 from california  April 11 2012

Chisel & Mouse 11th April 2012

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright is stunning. Thanks for the photo post. Cheers Robert

Candida Rose from Brighton EAst Sussex  April 10 2012

I love the look of these models, especially the art deco ones. I would like to see one of the Chrysler building in New York

Chisel & Mouse 11th April 2012

Hi Candida, thanks for the feedback and glad you're liking the art deco...i'm especially proud of the Guggenheim, Cincinnati and the Greyhoud. I will add Chrysler building to our 'considering' list. Thanks again, Robert

John McNiff from Hertfordshire  April 09 2012
ever considered doing the barbican? 

Chisel & Mouse 11th April 2012

Hi John, thanks for your suggestion, I think the Barbican would make a lovely model, will add to the considering list. Cheers Robert

Kate from Concord, MA, United States  March 15 2012
This is the third model that I have bought (the others were the Regency House and the Whitechapel Gallery). The models are really beautiful and have all arrived very speedily with no hassle from customs, beautifully and carefully packaged with no damage. Great models, great service.

anon from london  February 11 2012
Where is Buckingham P and Big Ben....

Your collection is missing a few!!!!!

Beverley from Chichester, United Kingdom  January 06 2012
Chisel & Mouse don't just make models of beautiful buildings, they make beautiful models of beautiful buildings. Clearly lovingly crafted and superbly wrapped, making for a unique and stylish gift for any occasion.

Todd from New York, USA  January 05 2012
I was totally captivated by the images of these model buildings online -- and when my order of The Regency Town House came it was even better than I had imagined. The hand-crafted quality is evident and the weight of the piece is feels nicely solid. I'm already thinking about which to order next!

Belinda from Leamington Spa  December 19 2011
As my husband is so difficult to buy presents for I was so pleased when I saw the article about chisel & mouse and the models that they specialise in. I ordered the replica Hoover building straight away (a favourite building of my husband's) and was not disappointed when the model arrived. Absolutely beautiful, the detail is gorgeous. I know it's going to look amazing and something that will be gracing our home for years to come. I've already put a request in for the Chrysler building to be in the range (another favourite) and I understand that other buildings are being considered. Thank you for an inspired gift idea, I'll be keeping an eye out for future additions.

Esme from Altrincham, Cheshire  December 16 2011
Having just had the joy of unpacking the beautifully crafted (and packed) model of Battersea Power Station I have to endorse previous reviews. What a delight, and what a shame it's intended for someone else. No, not a shame - an excuse to begin a collection of my own. I was pondering the Hoover Building but have just spotted Whitechapel Gallery. I think I might start there. Good wishes to Gavin and Robert for the success of your business.

Ian from Devon  December 15 2011
I noticed your range of buildings in the Telegraph Magazine and I wonder if you are planning to make a model of the Midland Hotel at Morecambe. I think its frontage would make a superb decorative model. Regards. Ian

thebarkinglion from London  December 05 2011
The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Academy of Art, Gherkin and Canary Wharf.

The first is a palace to the arts and there cannot be many people who do not know this great building. As for the RAA it is just a great building. A more modern suggestion is the Gherkin in the City and Canary Wharf. These are iconic buildings I can see Canary Wharf from where I live, I see it most days and it never fails to take my breath away. What a fantastic website, like others I have now bookmarked it. Thank you.

Chisel & Mouse 6th December 2011

Hi thebarkinglion, thanks for these great suggestions, not sure about the Gherkin or Canary Wharf as plaster not natural medium to represent glass but loving the idea of Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Academy of Art.

Jane s. from Surrey  December 05 2011
The Willow Tea Rooms or Hill House.

Wonderful idea for a series of products, consider your site well and truly bookmarked. I will be back.

Peter from Manchester  November 29 2011
Public buildings

There are some lovely public buildings like libraries, have you thought of making models of any of these?

Chisel & Mouse - 29th November 2011
We have plans to make a model of the reading rooms in the British Museum but have not looked at libraries specifically, which did you have in mind?

Jon Graham from Hove, England  November 28 2011
Recommended to view the site by, i cant remember, but so glad I did. The product is exceptional and the photos can never do the pieces justice. I bought the Battersea Power station and looks fantastic in our home. The follow-up customer care was absolutely 1st class. Look forward to building a collection!

Mark Wistle from Glasgow  November 27 2011
Kelvingrove Art Galleries = Best building in UK

Chisel & Mouse 27th November 2011

We’d love to take on this building it is amazing

anonymous from cincinnati  November 27 2011
Have you got plans to make any US buildings?
I'd buy the Netherlands Plaza Hotel Cincinnati (now the Hilton Netherlands Hotel)

Chisel & Mouse - 29th November 2011
Love the Netherlands, beautiful and immense! We are keen to extend our catalogue into the USA, we thought we'd start with NY and Miami art deco. Would love to hear about any other buildings you like and will be sure to let you know when the Netherlands makes it on to our list.

Mark Barbeau from San Francisco, USA  November 23 2011
Despite the advent of Emirates Stadium, for most long-time Arsenal supporters, Highbury will remain "The Home of Football". As an American supporter, I was only able to attend a single match there. But that experience is etched in my brain and cemented my support for the Gunners firmly in my heart. Chisel & Mouse's beautifully handcrafted model of Highbury's East Stand facade is a wonderful reminder of Arsenal's original stadium, and every time I look at it, I'm transported back to my match-day there. This is a keepsake that Gooners everywhere will treasure.

anony from nowhere  November 18 2011
Loving this, great idea - look beautiful

Arjan from Netherlands  November 16 2011
It is great to know that there are still people appreciating architecture. Sometimes buildings can be so beautiful that you actually would like to have it yourself. Chisel & Mouse provide exactly that. Great architecture, wonderfully executed, full of details and to be used on a mantle piece or maybe even as a book support. I received the Battersea Powerstation, carefully wrapped up to protect it from the postal transport, and it is so nice that it doesn't need any other purpose than just looking at it.

Anna from London, United Kingdom  November 15 2011
I absolutely love the model of Highbury Football stadium. It is beautifully made, really steady and it arrived in a great gift box (the black box and card). I am really looking forward to giving it to my husband for Christmas. He will be made up. Thanks again for the great service and quick delivery.

Kevin from Park City, United States  November 15 2011
I am very happy with the model and it is receiving lavish praise over here. I am originally from Brighton and so the image of the Brunswick terrace house has fond memories. It is an elegant and welcome addition to my decor. The purchase through the website and receipt of the model was exemplary.

Teresa from Nottingham, United Kingdom  November 15 2011
This is to let you know that Battersea Power station arrived safe and well yesterday, and looks really good on my mantelpiece. I also loved the box it came in, the black box and packaging made it feel really expensive, even though it wasn't. I will be placing another order at some point.

Hamish Long from London, United Kingdom  October 20 2011
Super! Impressed with the quality of the workmanship for the price. Looks really good on my bookshelf, especially in the evenings when I have it uplit - picks out the detail of the frontage. Thanks!